The Gemini Group Inc. was created with their customers in mind. We believe that strong communication, and clarity of information is critical to enhance your journey through the renovation process.



Over 50 years of combined experience has helped us focus on every detail.  We have partnered with our strong trade’s, and supplier’s base that  over the years, helps us create ideas to renovate your home to meet your life and your style. For that reason we bring forth a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Just Imagine!


Let us show you how renovating your home can rejuvenate your life.  Your home should be a reflection of you, and your lifestyle, so we focus on every little detail.  A renovation is a major decision to make, and can be very stressful if you don’t have the right contractor.  We strive to surpass our customer’s expectations.




Today, most renovations are well done. The difference however, lies in “The Journey” to the final result. This is where many renovators fall behind and Gemini takes the lead. We are your partner in the process, helping you through your selection of unique features that will give your home that special touch. We can’t wait to meet with you and start this amazing journey together.


Commercial & Residential Renovators